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Two women sitting facing towards each other and looking at something on a table in front of them.

Did you know one in two women has or will face workplace harassment?

And 90% of workers have been bullied. Harassment, discrimination, and bullying have profound psychological effects, including decreased productivity, and increased turnover and lawsuits. What's more alarming is 30% of workers do not know how to handle bad behavior.

Source: Harvard Business Review

Let Sisu VR empower your workforce.

The Empower Now Program is revolutionary empathy training for inclusivity.
Let immersive harassment, discrimination, and bullying
prevention training empower your workforce!

Immersive training using virtual reality (VR).

Virtual reality (VR) training significantly increases retention and empathy. It can improve performance by more than 200%, is 36% less expensive, and takes 53% less time than classroom training.

Source: PWC Soft Skills Study, 2020

Four colleagues having a discussion in a meeting room.

Experience real cases through multiple first-person perspectives.

Learn how to handle realistic situations as a victim, offender, or observer. Undergo outcomes in a fail-safe, fail-fast environment. Analyze how your actions may affect your circumstances--for better or worse!

Evaluate results with a novel and evidence-based Ethical Framework.

Track employee progress and obtain critical data on organizational performance. Generate reports on how to create a more inclusive workplace. Reinforce courage, kindness, and respect.

Man giving a presentation in front of his colleagues.

Our clients are raving!

“The immersive harassment prevention VR training experience from Sisu offers an effective option for both onboarding new employees and remediating inappropriate workplace behaviors. The process allows participants to interact in scenarios, choose a response response from several common response and receive feedback and an explanation. Human Resources would appreciate the researched approach that allows documentation of intervention.”

Dr. Beth Platchetka

"I was part of a demonstration of the SisuVR Workplace Bullying training platform. As an International Expert in treating targets of workplace bullying, training employees in organizations and consulting in this field of work, I was very impressed by the content and scenarios of the training. The training is interactive and covers the necessary information for respect in the workplace. The headset was comfortable and it was cool to be in a virtual setting. I believe that employees would find this interesting and engaging. It is a great application not just for training but for onboarding employees. Jocelyn Tan had her team were amazing to work with – motivating, passionate and helpful. What more could you ask for?"

Pat Ferris
Principal at Pat Ferris Consulting

"SisuVR is disrupting the market of HR compliance training by bringing immersive virtual reality to a field traditionally served by dull and boring training solutions."

Renzo Zagni
Founder and CEO of Intelenz

Our clients are raving!

"Sisu VR's Empower Now Program made me feel uncomfortable (as it should!). The experience placed me in positions where I made choices through a variety of perspectives. It's a great solution for employees to learn about sexual harassment in an engaging way."

Neilda Pacquing
CEO of MindGlow Inc.

"The moment I heard about Sisu VR I became excited about the possibilities! I have been working in the area of workplace psychological harassment and psychological violence for 11 years, training in all industries. This product allows participants to observe in real terms, the often-complex dynamics of harassment. With this immersive experience building more awareness and skills, long term positive changes will occur."

Linda Crockett
Founder of ABRC

"Sisu VR’s training provides a surreal training experience, something I have never personally experienced before. I was faced with realistic workplace scenarios from a series of different perspectives. I definitely felt more engaged with Sisu’s training package compared to the traditional training methods."

Robert M.
Founder of SatCatalog

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Sisu VR training response to a virtual scenario. Potential response #1 'What do you care, Ruben? You're quitting anyway. Get lost.' Potential response #2 'I think it wouldn't hurt to take another look at the assumptions.' Potential response #3 'He's right. You inherited a done deal. Don't screw it up.'

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VR technology has increased benefits compared to traditional training videos.

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