About Us

In Finnish, "Sisu" means "grit, bravery, and resilience" and "hope in the face of adversity."

How it started

It all started when two determined engineers decided to take a stand against workplace harassment, bullying, and discrimination. They knew first-hand how harmful workplace misconduct can be in both enabling current professionals to work effectively, and inspiring the next generation of workers to achieve their dreams. Instead of feeling helpless due to their unfavorable circumstances, Sisu VR founders were determined to empower workforces to exercise moral courage and empathy. To further their goal of creating a safer workplace, the founders teamed up with MindGlow to empower employees to act during active shooter emergencies.

Who are we?

Welcome to Sisu VR. We are a people-first team teaching our customers how to effectively confront, escape, and intervene during incidents of workplace misconduct. We "shine our light" on only the truths. We aspire to empower global workforces, and support employers in doing so.

Sisu VR's mission is to inspire our clients to work with empathy, transparency, innovation, open-mindedness, and excellence. Our core values include exercising courage, compassion, understanding, non-judgement, and awareness in our daily work and interactions with others.

At the heart, we are listeners. From scouring high-fidelity field cases to developing our state-of-the-art Ethical Framework, our sensitivity to the most up-to-date events, research, and technology have enabled us to produce world-class training experiences.

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